From co-workers to co-founders

Kristy and Grace were coworkers long before AVOILA was born. They worked together bicoastally at two different ad agencies over the last ten years. Their partnership was effortless... even when the work wasn’t. After they both left the agency world—Grace for personal reasons and Kristy to pursue other interests—their bicoastal conversations continued and centered around clean living, clean skincare and female entrepreneurship.



Welcoming the uncertainty

When they started AVOILA, the only thing they were certain about was their ability to work well together and their dedication to launching this product. Together, they had over 30 years of marketing experience. But, they found they had a lot to learn. Formulation, manufacturing, packaging and shipping were all new processes. So they asked a lot of questions and made a few mistakes, but kept trusting the process.



Driving our destiny

After years of being at the mercy of arbitrary deadlines and client demands, it was important to launch this product without the unnecessary and unproductive stress that was so common in their previous lives. They surrounded themselves with people who wholeheartedly support and uplift their ambitions. The result is a brand and product line that oozes serenity and goodness.