5 bad skincare habits turned good!

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Having good consistent skincare habits can make a world of difference to your skin. And, it does not have to be difficult to turn those bad habits into good ones. Having good skincare habits could mean that you finally get to see your skin transform into the best possible version of itself. Let's get started!
  1. BAD habit: Buying something just because it's trending.
    Who hasn’t bought a new product because it popped up on Instagram and seemingly EVERYONE is using it… just to have it sitting on your shelf after one use??

    GOOD habit: Spend a few minutes researching ingredients and reading real customer reviews. You’ll be more successful when you find a product you look forward to using—because it feels good, smell good and is pleasant on your skin.

  2. BAD habit: Falling for unrealistic goals.
    Most people have done some damage to their skin—whether it’s from diet, alcohol, smoking or sun exposure. And some damage is more difficult to correct than others. But your skincare product is just part of your skin health.

    GOOD habit: Think about what the best, healthiest version of YOUR skin will look like, and make that your goal. Besides being consistent with a product that delivers healthy nutrients to your skin, using sunscreen, drinking water, and eating fruit and vegetables will also benefit your largest organ — your skin.

  3. BAD habit: Not applying skincare before bed. 
    We know, we know—you’re tired. We all are! But, your skin works at night to repair itself. So you need to do your part to remove your makeup and apply your skincare.

    GOOD habit: Take time earlier in the evening to prepare your skin for sleep. Getting ready to unwind at 8? Do your skincare then!
    Even if you don’t use any repair creams, using an oil like Avoila in the evening will give your skin the nutrients it needs to help repair itself and retain its natural moisture content.

  4. BAD habit: Skipping skincare because you are applying SPF.
    First of all—good for you for using SPF! Protection from the sun is one of the best habits you can have for minimizing damage and reducing the signs of aging.

    GOOD habit: Apply your sunscreen after your face oil. Sunscreen gives you the most protection when it creates a barrier from the sun’s UF and infrared rays. It shields most effectively when it's in the very top layer of your skin. (And your Avoila will penetrate nutrients deep into your skin, so you still get the benefit of that beautiful glow!)

  5. BAD habit: Switching up before you give a product a chance to work.
    “Lose 20 pounds in one week!” “Face-lift in a bottle!” These promises are so tempting because we want there to be a magic potion. But, it’s not magic… but it is simple.

    GOOD habit: Seek out good products with great ingredients and use them consistently to give it time to work, so you can see the short-term AND long-term benefits. Pro tip: Subscribe to get Avoila Nourishing Face Oil on automatic reorder, so you don’t run out!


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