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Mega-skincare routines are not the answer to better skin. Simplicity is.

Mega-skincare routines are not the answer to better skin. Simplicity is.

Before we started Avoila, our personal experience taught us that too many skincare products caused our skin to rebel. And we know we're not alone in this thinking. 

When you use many different skincare products your skin can get confused or overwhelmed. It will react by suffering more break outs or becoming more easily irritated. It can also gets uncomfortably dry or just dull and lackluster.

Oils that support the skin in its natural function are more tolerable. And, a good oil can eliminate the need for other products giving your skin less to deal with on a daily basis. 

Avoila Nourishing Face Oil provides benefits to the skin that can replace the need for a moisturizer, serum and eye cream. It contains organic ingredients that support your skin’s natural ability to moisturize, heal and protect.

So, if you have too many skincare products that are confusing you and you skin, now may be the time to take a closer look and trash anything that isn’t doing your skin any favors!

How do you know what to keep? Here are some questions to ask yourself.
Skincare products are meant to be used, not saved. If you don’t love using it, then maybe it’s time to move on.

Your skincare should make your skin look and feel good — minutes after applying AND hours after applying.

The skin loves consistency. So, the best skincare product is the one you want to use.

Look at the ingredients. We know this is complicated. But there are some key ingredients worth avoiding. Here are a few common culprits that irritate the skin.
  • Parabens (which can be identified by prefixes such as methyl-, propyl-, butyl-, ethyl-, and isobutyl- with the suffix paraben) They are preservatives but can accumulate in the body causing anything from irritation to being carcinogenic.
  • Sulphates These are the ingredients that form the foam we love but are harsh on our skin, so our skin doesn’t defend itself as well against aging or the elements.
  • Petroleum derivatives and PEGs (including mineral oil, paraffin oil, petrolatum, and liquid paraffin) They make the skin feel softer but also prevent it from breathing. They slow down skin function, leading to premature aging, and make our skin more vulnerable to bacteria.
  • Others that are thankfully less common today but may be in older formulas are Formaldehydes and Phthalates, and Artificial dyes (FD&C pigments).

Clean beauty is about having better skincare choices.

Clean beauty is about having better skincare choices.

Not everyone’s "clean" product goals are the same, and that's ok.

Some people are steadfast about all their personal care products being "natural" or "nontoxic". Other people are more concerned about their skincare or haircare. Only YOU can decide which products you feel good about using in your personal life.


The skin is an organ that absorbs everything put on it. So, the same way we eat organic fruits and veggies to deliver nutrients for our bodies, we want to apply organic plant oils to deliver nutrients to our skin.

Through scientific studies, it is clear how certain toxic ingredients can negatively impact our bodies and the environment. Many countries have banned those harmful ingredients from cosmetics. However, regulations in the US are outdated, often allowing these ingredients to be used without warning.

Many so-called "clean" beauty products come from independent companies who make it part of their mission to be transparent about their values and ingredients.

Our focus is always on plant-based ingredients that support the skin's own function. We use organic oils because organic plants have the highest amount of beneficial, active enzymes, minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients resulting in the highest healing and restorative potential.

Living In The Moment (It's Doggone Difficult)

Living In The Moment (It's Doggone Difficult)

As I sit here writing this, I like to think I'm completely in the moment. I'm sitting on my front porch, the birds are singing and my dog is eyeing a squirrel on the lawn.

But really, she's the one in the moment. My mind wanders to the grass that needs to be cut, the hose that needs to be put away and how I could really use another cup of coffee.

Do you remember the first time you understood what it was like to live in the moment?

To cherish the time you have. To appreciate what's around you. To be grateful for what or who is in front of you. It's a wonderful feeling. It makes me feel full of love, satisfaction and so very hopeful.

And if you're anything like me, you probably forgot again... like 5 minutes later. 

I guess that's why we need to be reminded so often. Just scroll down your social feed and you’ll see at least one reminder to “be in the moment” or “live fully” or “be present”. (Unfortunately, that’s exactly when we’re NOT living in the moment!)

Taking a cue from the past

Rituals and scents have been used for ages to keep humans grounded.

A ritual helps you reset and put everything else aside. It's something you do with intention. That makes it different from a habit—which is often mindless. Or even a routine—which can be cumbersome. 

Some wonderful simple rituals are auditory—like singing or listening to a song, or ringing a bell or a gong. I find that a really powerful ritual takes less than a minute and incorporates scent.

Scent helps to clear the moment, removing any other energy hanging around. Scents take a direct route to the limbic system which houses the areas in your brain related to emotion and memory. Rituals that incorporate scent can be lighting an incense stick or cone, dropping a few drops of essential oil into a diffuser, or lighting a fragrant candle.

Kristy and I (and many customers--like you) use Avoila Nourishing Face Oil as a ritual. Done with intention and focus, it's a great way to spend 20 seconds to breathe in the essential oils and smooth the oil onto your skin. And, lightly pressing into your face helps you make an intentional connection with yourself. 

It’s a lovely way to start and end your day. It’s something that you would do anyway, but you can make it a time for you to tune everything else out and focus on your senses.

And, now I did go get that second cup of coffee. I will lift the mug to my lips, breathe in the aroma and savor the first sip. 

Of course right on cue, the dog finally got her opportunity to chase that squirrel up the tree and now I’m thinking about my to-do list again… until next time!

``` ```