Avoila ‚ÄĒ A Face Oil For Every Skin Type (In One Bottle)

A Face Oil For Every Skin Type

For those of us who were blessed with porcelain skin and can sleep with a full face of makeup on and wake up in the morning looking airbrushed. This article is not for you. But thank you for stopping by!

Whether you suffer from dry skin that feels tight and red, embarrassing acne or aging not so gracefully against the clock - we hear you and we see you. For years, facial oils have been slowly indoctrinated into our daily (and nightly) skincare regime - but there’s still a few out there who just aren’t sold on the idea of slathering on a rich oil to rescue their individualized needs, especially since some oils claim it won’t clog your pores and then it does exactly that and you wake up with a bundle of bumps on your face. 

Knowing exactly what you're slathering onto your skin is important. Knowledge is power after all. This is why all roads lead to quality facial oil. We want to put our best face forward, everyday - and we should. We are, in a way, married to the skin we are in but Avoila Nourishing Face Oil helps us renew our vows. Continue reading and find your skin type. You know who you are.

Or jump on over to grab your own bottle to see for yourself.

Mature - a wrinkle (vanished) in no time 

For those of us who want to look as young as we feel without the help of injections - that’s why facial oil is the perfect fit for sagging, crepe-y and wrinkled skin. The lightweight emulsion absorbs into your skin's surface effortlessly as it drinks up all the fatty acids, vitamin A and omega fats into every fine line. Triglyceride plant based formulas allow regeneration of your skin's elasticity, bouncing it back to the way it used to look and feel before gravity and stress stepped in. 

Oily/Acne prone - fight fire with fire 

It might sound counterproductive to treat acne prone skin with oil but hear us out. It’s true that some oils when applied can make a bad situation even worse, but when using the right elixir (Avoila, hi.) your troubles suddenly become clear. Oils that are closest to the sebum produced naturally help control excess production. Potent yet gentle Grapeseed Oil and Rosehip Seed Oil soothes redness caused by inflammation and nourishes the target areas back to clarity. 

Dry - quench your thirst 

The oily skin people probably think the dry skin people have it made easy but they don’t. Dry skin can feel downright uncomfortable and those of us who suffer from it, know what we’re talking about. Tight, itchy, red - not to mention make you look older than your age. The Avoila formula soothes dry, irritated and tight skin by giving it a good nutritional drink, bringing moisture, balance and nourishment back to homeostasis. Also, don’t forget to drink plenty of water everyday! Cheers! 

Now for a lesson in botany and biology. Kinda. A few years back, not too long ago, the avocado entered our kitchens and our hearts as the new superfood we could happily indulge in without guilt. Its nutritional density and rich, creamy texture found its way into every smoothie, salad and side dish while waiters were heard echoing,¬† ‚ÄúAvocado will be a dollar extra‚ÄĚ and without skipping a beat, we knowingly nod and gladly throw our money down.

Since then, we dived a bit deeper into this magical fruit (yes, fruit) and were shocked to discover its incredible skincare powers that could rejuvenate and replenish any type of skin including pesky ailments like psoriasis and eczema. Avoila has taken the avocado and elevated it by introducing powerful organic oils with targeted properties that all work together to balance and restore your overall skin health. We added Camellia Seed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Kalahari Melon Seed Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil and Vitamin E -and we mixed them altogether to make one magical concoction for any distress your skin might be going through.

Now you might be asking ‚Äúwhat‚Äôs this have to do with my skin type?‚ÄĚ Or ‚Äúwill there be a test on all this?‚ÄĚ The answer is, these ingredients have EVERYTHING to do with your skin type and yes, there will be a test - so study.¬†

Here is a breakdown of all of it’s beneficial glory so you know exactly what your skin will be drinking. You’re welcome. 

Avocado oil, derived from the actual fruit of the avocado, you know, the meaty part. That's just one of the reasons it has so many beneficial properties due to its mineral and vitamin content (A,C,D and E) along with beta-sitosterol and lecithin properties. Its powerful skin-repairing qualities include multiplying collagen synthesis and reducing inflammation, irritation and redness while penetrating the skin's barrier, aiding its moisture capacity due to being rich in linoleic acid and oleic acid. 

(Wait, let’s stop for a second and discuss the difference between these two acids.) First, they’re both essential fats. Linoleic acid (omega-9) is thinner and glides on the skin smoother and helps fight acne causing bacteria. Oleic acid (omega-6) is richer and thicker in texture and promotes aging and dry skin. Got it? Good. Let’s continue on. 

Camellia Seed Oil is extracted from the seeds found on the flowers of camellia oleifera (tea plant.) It has a high amount of oleic acid and vitamin A. Oleic acid is an superior carrier of cell-rebuilding nutrients and bioactive compounds that repair damaged skin that is caused by dryness and exposure to the sun’s harmful rays while Vitamin A is a powerful natural retinol which stimulates the production of new skin cells.

Grapeseed Oil is derived from the pressed seeds of grapes. It‚Äôs reputation for anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties has been proven over and over again in test studies while being naturally rich in vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids. This aids in battling skin-damaging free radicals while optimizing skin functioning and appearance. Not to mention, it does an excellent job in fighting inflammation in the skin's middle and outer layers due to omega-6‚ÄĒlinoleic acid.

Kalahari Melon Seed Oil is a light oil made from the seeds of indigenous melons that grow across the Kalahari Desert. It is high in linoleic acid, making it easy to absorb into your skin's layers. It is famous for dissolving excesses of sebum while Locking in moisture to maintain elasticity and bounce while combating free radicals caused by UV exposure due to powerful antioxidants‚ÄĒvitamins A and E.

Rosehip Seed Oil is extracted from the seeds of a wild berry-like fruit called the rosehip (smells Divine too!) Rosehip seeds have a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids and are rich in compounds like vitamin C, carotenoids, and phenolics giving it antioxidant properties that assist in protection against inflammation and oxidative stress. 

Sea Buckthorn Oil is extracted from the fruit and seeds of thorny sea buckthorn plant. There is an abundance of active ingredients in sea-buckthorn oil that benefit the skin. The unique unsaturated fatty acids (such as omega-7 and omega-6) give it skin regeneration and repair properties while guarding against inflammation and oxidative stress.

Vitamin E is an important fat-soluble antioxidant, and has been used in dermatology for more than 50 years. It is an important ingredient that protects the skin from harmful effects due to sun damage, by acting against free radicals.




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