Frequently Asked Questions about Avoila Nourishing Face Oil
Q. How can Avoila work for more than one skin type?

A. We designed our formulation to be well-balanced. All of the oils in our formulation have a low-comedogenic rating so they won't clog your pores. And, it's proven to help balance sebum production, as well as hydrate and help the skin retain moisture making it good for oily, dry and combination skin types.

Q. Will Avoila Nourishing Face Oil get rid of wrinkles?

A. Facial lines and wrinkles are a normal part of the aging process. But, nourished skin can diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles and prevent them from appearing prematurely. Benefits will vary with individuals, but many of our customers have seen their fine lines soften and become less noticeable.

Q. What's the best way to use Avoila?

A. The best method is to press the oil into clean skin.1) Cleanse your skin with water or a gentle cleanser.2) Place 3-5 drops of onto your palm.3) Lift your palm and deeply inhale the natural plant extracts for a quick sensory journey.4) As you exhale, lightly massage, tap or gently press the oil into the skin.You can massage any leftover oil into your neck, décolleté, hands, cuticles, the ends of your hair or anywhere you need a little extra pampering.

Q. Can I use Avoila Nourishing Face Oil anywhere other than my face?

A. Yes! Because of our simple formula, our face oil can be used on your body. The neck, décolleté, hands, cuticles, shoulders and hair are some of the more common places our customers have treated with their Avoila. Where will you try yours?

Q. Can I Use Avoila Nourishing Face Oil with other products?

A. Yes! We created Avoila to provide your skin with everything it needs to give you healthy-looking, glowing skin. However, if you also want to use a serum or a moisturizer, apply it first and then press the oil into your skin to reinforce your skin's moisture barrier. It should be your last layer before sunscreen.

Q. Does AVOILA test on animals?

A. We never, ever test on animals.

Q. Is the Avoila Nourishing Face Oil organic?

A. Yes, Avoila Nourishing Face Oil has been certified USDA organic by the Oregon Tilth. In order to receive this certification, 95% of the ingredients used must be organic. In the case of the Nourishing Face Oil, our only non-organic ingredient is Vitamin E (tocopherol) as we haven’t been able to find an organic source. However, it is important to know that our Vitamin E is non-GMO.  

Q. Is Avoila Nourishing Face Oil vegan?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you use fragrance in your products?

A. We do not use fragrance. We do include a low percentage of essential oils to provide a soft, relaxing scent profile for the product. See our Ingredients page for more information.

Q. Is Avoila Nourishing Face Oil considered "clean"?

A. Yes! Avoila adheres to the strictest guidelines when it comes to formulating and sourcing our ingredients. Our product is 100% plant-based, USDA certified organic, vegan and cruelty-free. Our paper tube and glass jars are even recyclable!

Q. I'm new to clean beauty. How can I best transition my skincare routine?

A. When transitioning into clean beauty, it is important to take your time. Introduce our Nourishing Face Oil by using it only once a day to begin with for the first week or two of use. Once your skin has acclimated to the formula, you can add in more usage throughout the week and 2x a day for both your AM and PM routines. 


Our Nourishing Face Oil can be used as a stand alone product for ultimate nourishment. However, if you plan on using another serum within your routine, make sure to alternate use, or layer thinnest to thickest. 

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Q. Will Avoila Nourishing Face Oil make me break out?

A. Breakouts occur when the pores of your skin become blocked - usually by sebum. Oil glands in your skin release sebum which helps keeps your skin soft...but too much sebum can block the pores leading to blemishes. The oils in Avoila won’t block your pores, but even better than that, they can actually help control sebum production. Keeping your skin clean and nourished will help your skin become more balanced so that fewer blemishes appear.

Q. How do I make a return or exchange?

A. Whatever reason you are not satisfied with our product, please send an email to within 30 days of your purchase with
your Name, Email, Phone Number, and AVOILA Order Confirmation Number, and a short note as to why you’re returning the item. Please pack the item in the original packaging with your packing slip or AVOILA Order Confirmation Number and return your item to:

614 S 4th Street, #336
Philadelphia PA 19147

Once the return has been received and reviewed, we will notify you by email about your refund. A refund can only be applied to the original payment method. A refund usually takes 5 to 7 business days to be credited back to you.
Please note: You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item. Shipping costs are non-refundable. If you are shipping more than one item totaling over $75, we recommend you use a shipping service with reliable tracking or insurance. If a returned item is lost in the shipment back, we cannot issue a refund.

Q. How much does shipping cost?

A. We offer free USPS First Class shipping for U.S. orders over $50. Orders being shipped to the EU and UK will include a $15 shipping fee which will appear at check-out. 

Q. How will my order be shipped?

A. US Orders will be sent via USPS First Class by default. Orders being shipped to the EU and UK will be sent via UPS. Any available expedited shipping options will appear with the associated timing and cost at check-out.

Q. How long will it take to receive my order?

A. Depending on your location, we estimate domestic shipping to U.S. transit to be between 2-5 business days of placing your order. Orders being shipped to the UK or EU should arrive between 9-12 days from placing your order. 

Q. I received a damaged product, how should I proceed?

A. We are careful to protect our products before shipping, but unfortunately accidents sometimes happen. Your damaged product may be refunded or replaced. Please email us as soon as possible at with your Name, Email, Phone Number, and AVOILA Order Confirmation Number. 

Q. Do you ship overseas?

A. YES! Avoila Nourishing Face Oil is currently registered to sell in the EU and UK.

Q. Is shopping on secure?

A. Shopify stores using the Shopify platform are PCI compliant by default. Shopify has Level 1 PCI certification covering its stores and its shopping cart. Read more.

Q. What credit cards do you accept?

A. is happy to accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Shopify Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Q. How much is the sales tax?

A. We are required by law to collect state sales tax on orders being shipped to California. Sales tax will be assessed on the total purchase, excluding shipping. Sales tax charges are based upon the state where your order is being shipped. All applicable state and local sales taxes will be calculated during the checkout process.

Q. I emailed customer service but haven’t heard back yet, why?

A. We are bi-coastal so our days are a little longer, but that doesn’t always mean we can respond immediately. We will respond to all inquiries within 48 hours, so hold tight, we look forward to getting back to you.

Q. I have a subscription - what if I still have products left from the previous month? Can I pause?

A. YES. Simply log into your account or email to pause anytime.

Q. I have a subscription - what if I no longer need the product? Can I cancel?

A. YES. Simply log into your account or email to cancel anytime.

Q. I have a subscription - can I change the schedule, payment method or shipping address?

A. YES. Simplylog into your account or to change your schedule, payment, method or shipping address anytime.

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