It's So Nice To Be Adored!

It's So Nice To Be Adored!

Kristy and I were recently interviewed by Adoratherapy founder, Laura McCann as part of her People We Adore series. We had such a great talk on IG Live and we wanted to share parts of it with you here. You can also see Laura's original post here.


We all have people we meet along the way, connect with and know we adore. As we share what we are up to we create a vibration and lock into areas of compatibility. I met Kristy and Grace when we all became part of the Conscious Beauty Collective Collaboration and pop up shop at the Natick Mall this Fall. Fellow "Beauty-preneurs" these partners have developed a beautiful all natural nourishing face oil  so that you can see your best skin yet. Both with agency backgrounds they were called to join together to create the product they wanted to use. 

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself

A: Kristy: Kristy Hunston is the co-founder of the plant based skincare brand Avoila. Born in a small town in Ohio, Kristy graduated from Mount Union College with a degree in communications.

After interning at an advertising agency during college, Kristy knew this ever changing, creative industry was for her. Shortly after college, Kristy moved to NYC where she worked her way up in her career at some of the biggest agencies in the world. She met her life-partner, Dave in NYC and they decided to move to the West Coast for a change in scenery and lifestyle.

Once in Los Angeles, Kristy and Dave decided to start a family which resulted in her passion for a cleaner lifestyle and the desire to become an entrepreneur so she would have more time for herself and her family – and this is how Avoila was born. 

A: Grace: Grace O’Sullivan is a co-founder of the small, plant-based skincare brand, Avoila.Grace started her career in the late 90s in Manhattan, NYC as a Designer.

She worked at some of the most prestigious ad agencies in the world working to become an Art Director and then Creative Director developing the creative for national ad campaigns. In 2017, she left the big agency world for family reasons as her husband and father were about to start aggressive cancer treatments at the same time.

She started to take on some small advertising clients as she focused on her family. At the same time, she began paying closer attention to her long-time skin issues. This led her to find the magical ingredient, organic avocado oil, that would change her skin and her approach to skincare and aging. She’s thrilled to have the opportunity to share this with others through the product, Avoila Nourishing Face Oil.

Q: How did we all meet?

A: We met through the amazing Conscious Beauty Collective community. 

Q: What's your superpower?

A: Kristy: Making connections and bringing people together.

Q: How do you destress?

A: Kristy: Walking in the woods, or anywhere in nature really, calms me down immediately. I find that focusing on the beauty and the sounds of nature is very grounding. I try to get out in nature every day for just this reason. 

A:Grace: I have a sacred place, my “green room”, where there are lots of plants, pillows and a turntable. Whether I’m sitting in the green room, outside on my porch, or walking my dog — listening to music or reading is how I get away from the stresses of everyday life and transport myself to another space.

Q: How do you create daily rituals for healing and self care?

A:  Kristy: This is a real work in progress. However, I do prioritize my health more especially after a serious health diagnosis in 2019. With that diagnosis I realized that I needed to prioritize myself more and work on not overburdening my body and mind. So each day I try to do something for myself whether it’s a walk in nature, lunch with a friend or an infrared sauna session. 

A:  Grace: My skincare is a simple daily ritual and Avoila really helps to make that special. I actually pause and take a breath everytime I use it and it sets the tone for my day. I also spend 10-20 minutes stretching at the end of the day–my body–especially my neck, back and legs are much more relaxed and ready for sleep!

Q: How did you learn to adore yourself?

A: Kristy:  I am still working on this too. I have a nice affirmation practice that has helped me change the language I use to talk about myself. 

A: Grace: It’s a constant battle. But connecting deep with the self by prayer, meditation or journaling helps to strengthen my connection with the self and strengthen self-love. Also, ridiculous, uninhibited spontaneous dancing helps.

Q: Are you working on a chakra?

A: Kristy: I have worked on various chakras at different times over the past couple of years. The one I focus on most is the throat chakra as traditionally I have been hesitant to use my voice to its fullest potential.

A: Grace: Not with any real commitment, but I do try to work on my Third Eye chakra by keeping a dream journal.

Q: Which Adoratherapy products have you tried?

A: Kristy: I have tried the Vitality and Communication Rollers as well as the Chakra 5 candle. While the candle is special, I love that the oils in the rollers are with me at all times after I apply. I apply the rollers to my wrist in the morning and then I am reminded of them from time to time throughout the day when I get a glimpse of the scents. I decide which to use in the morning based on what scent calls to me more. They’re also super easy to bring with me whereas a candle has to stay at home! 

Q: If you were a color what color would you be and why?

A: Kristy: Green for sure! It signifies life and vitality for me. 

A: Grace: Indigo and blue keep me centered and calm.

Q: Do you have a pet?

A: Kristy: I have 2 maltipoos that I am fostering for about 2 years. They are brother and sister and are just the sweetest cuddle bugs. 

A: Grace: Nellie is my 5 year old Cockapoo—who is so boisterous and full of joy. And completely unlike my rescue cat, Sharona who is sweet and shy.

Q: What’s your favorite place to chill out?

A: Kristy: In a cushioned lounge chair under an umbrella looking at the ocean. 

A: Grace: I love sitting out on my back porch curled up with Nellie and a good book.

Q: Do you have a favorite crystal?

A: Kristy: I love my green flourite - it’s a beautiful color and I can really feel it bringing positivity to everything around me.

A: Grace: My favorite crystals are selenite and indigo.  They help keep me in tune with my intuition, self as well as tranquility and calmness.



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