Can an Online Skin Consultation Help You Get Better Skin?

Can an Online Skin Consultation Help You Get Better Skin?

Deciding what skincare products to use on your skin can be quite overwhelming.

To make it even more complex, you have to think about what will work best in the morning and at night, and what type of masks or treatments you may need on top of it all.

There was a time when I would scour the latest issue of Lucky Magazine (yes, I’m aging myself) or Marie Claire and look for the latest product that would help clear my skin and immediately run out and buy it. I’d be so excited to try it and see the results, and then guess what would happen? Nothing! I would be incredibly frustrated but I’d start the cycle over again.

This is what I did in my 20’s when I lived in NYC and didn’t prioritize spending what little money I made on facials. Instead, I spent it on late nights out that certainly didn’t help my skin. 

Now let’s jump ahead to my 30’s.

When I hit my mid-30’s I realized that what I put on my skin really mattered and could impact my overall health. I wanted to transition everything I put on my skin to products that were ‘clean’ or ‘green’ or ‘non-toxic’ so I could feel good that the products I was using would benefit me, not harm me.

If you’ve gone through this process you know that this too is overwhelming, costly and time consuming. At this point in my life, I was working a full time, stressful job and had a toddler at home so I looked for an esthetician that was very experienced with clean products to help me make this transition.

I was so grateful to be in Los Angeles during this time as it was a place where I could pretty easily find this resource. My esthetician was able to provide me with very specific product recommendations and a routine that would benefit my skin while not being time consuming. I have always been a minimalist when it comes to any routine!

Since finding a great esthetician I could talk to about my skin was instrumental in changing my skin for the better, we decided we wanted to bring this experience to YOU.

Since moving to Park City, Utah in August 2020 I have seen Christa Jutras of @everlygrace_wholebeauty every one to two months and I believe in her approach to skincare and her recommendations. She has generously agreed to provide these online consultations for us because she too wants to help people change their skin and she loves Avoila Nourishing Face Oil which she has been using in her practice since I’ve known her. 

The complimentary online consultations are 15 minutes long which is just enough time to talk to Christa about what your skin concerns are and your current skincare routine.

She’ll be able to advise you on things you may want to change up. (For example--did you know most people use too many products?)

And, if you’re interested in Avoila Nourishing Face Oil, she can talk to you about how it may benefit your skin and fit into your routine. 

You can book your complimentary consultation with Christa, here on our website.



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