Challenge your world -> Change the world

Challenge your world

More and more, women today are embracing their own power and purpose. We see barriers being broken and glass ceilings being shattered. But what are the challenges we face in our own lives? And how do they change us? How do they change the world?

This post is about two things. It’s about how I gave up on the slew of skincare products that were piling up in my bathroom because of what they were doing to my skin. It’s also about how when we challenge the status quo, the world changes. But, let’s start with my bathroom. 

Desperately seeking simplicity 

Only 5 years ago, I was a willing test subject for every cream, moisturizer, serum, cleanser, spray and mask for “sensitive skin” I could get my hands on. I thought if the brand said it was good for sensitive skin, I could use it without issue. 

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, during a particularly frustrating and stressful period in my life my skin started to rebel. Life was asking a lot of me both professionally and personally, As it turned out, too much. My skin became painful to the touch. Everything I tried was irritating. Nothing I tried worked.

That’s when in complete desperation, I put aside all of the complex chemical formulations and sought out simplicity in an effort to reset my skin. I tossed out every skincare sample and full-size cream, moisturizer, serum, cleanser, spray and mask for “sensitive skin”. 

I couldn’t have foreseen how by challenging everything I relied on for my skin, it would lead me to a new mindset, a new passion project, and ultimately a new business. But, it did.

Changing our approach and our changing our lives

When Kristy and I started using the organic, plant-based oil that became Avoila, we realized that our skin wanted to be fed. It wanted nutrients so that it could do what it already knew how to do—protect and renew itself. And it wanted them everyday. 

We created Avoila Nourishing Face Oil to simply give our skin the nourishment it craved. We started Avoila because we want to share that simple idea with others. 

Our original, avocado-based face oil didn’t begin as a “life-changing” idea. But that’s the thing about ideas. When we challenge the status quo in our own lives, our world changes us, and those around us.

Seeing the bigger picture

Looking back, I can see how for decades, “Big Beauty” has been churning out products that feed on our insecurities and fears. It’s why I was never satisfied with any beauty product. I never even finished what I had before something new because I was addicted to that cycle. 

And my skin definitely wasn’t benefiting from this behavior. It was the opposite. Many of the questionable ingredients in these products put stress on my skin, especially because I was bouncing from one to the next. 

But, skincare consumers started challenging the status quo by opening themselves up to smaller independent brands. Little by little, consumers decided they want to do business with companies who are transparent about their process, and with founders who share their same values. 

When I was growing up, I didn’t even trust a skincare brand if it wasn’t in a big name store. But, the world has changed. That came about because of people taking a stand for what they believe is best for themselves. That’s what challenging the status quo can do. 

I’m not sure anyone sets out to change the world. And yet, when we challenge the way things are being done in an effort to better ourselves or those around us, the world changes.



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