Facial Oil For Acne Prone Skin

It’s time we drop the fear-based myth that applying facial oil to your acne prone skin will make it worse. Not only is that long held belief false, but it is the opposite of true.

We don’t blame you for your hesitance, of course. You wake up with one big oily blemish and your first instinct is to dry that sucker up—ASAP! But if you’re being honest, that hasn’t been truly effective has it? Most likely, new breakouts continue to form.

Whether it’s from a less-than-ideal diet, genetics, stress, hygiene or hormones - if you’ve been treating every pimple as they appear with a drying lotion—you're likely making your skin worse. (UGH) But there’s good news.

Dermatologists have revealed that when it comes to acne, you should fight fire with fire — or rather, oil with oil.

While not all oils are created equal and yes, SOME can clog pores and cause breakouts (I see you, coconut and palm oils!) The right formula will not only treat your acne, but also prevent new pimples from forming — while also balancing your sebum production.

There are many factors that make an oil good for acne-prone skin. The first is the comedogenic rating. That is—how likely it is to clog pores. 

When sebum becomes trapped under dirt, grime, or dead skin cells, pimples happen. When you regularly remove too much sebum (with harsh cleansers and drying oils,) it can trigger your hormones to make more oil...leading you down a road of pimple after pimple.

The other factor is the ability of the oil itself to reduce inflammation and help repair your skin. 

Check out these ingredients below. They not only have low comedogenic ratings, when brought together in a formulation like Avoila Nourishing Face Oil, they actually help you control your acne prone skin woes for good. 

Organic Avocado Oil 
Anti-inflammatory properties help soothe acne flare ups while soothing redness and preventing new ones from forming. Fatty acids and vitamins found in avocado help speed up skin repair. 

Organic Grapeseed Oil
Killing acne causing bacteria on contact due to its contents of vitamin E, beta-carotene, and linoleic acid. This powerhouse oil also absorbs into skin quickly, penetrating pores while reducing redness and inflammation. 

Organic Kalahari Melon Seed Oil 
Dissolves excess surface sebum in a snap while unclogging pores and aiding in skin cell recovery. Rich in linolenic acid, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties including vitamins A, C and E make this ideal skin food for acne and acne scar treatment.

And now a word from our "I-can-see-clearly-now" buyers.

Milli M.
“All my friends rave about my beautiful skin which has become smoother, clear, and all the blemishes are gone since I discovered Avoila. All organic ingredients, all natural. How can you beat that? I use It religiously and I absolutely can’t live without It.”

Laura H.
“I have acne prone skin and this oil calms and hydrates my skin without making it feel congested. The scent is heavenly! Like a little trip to the spa every time I use it. I will definitely be reordering when I’m out!”

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