How to adjust your skin care for warmer weather

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As we pack up and tuck away our sweaters and heavy coats and swap them out for airy dresses and tank tops in preparation for the scorching months ahead - we should be doing the same thing with our beauty cabinet. The sun is stronger, the days are longer and your skincare requires a bit of an adjustment from the cold and dry winter months. Here are the best ways to easily transition your beauty regimen so that you can maintain your fresh-as-daisy-look come this September while giving spring cleaning a whole new meaning for your bathroom counter. 

Switch out your moisturizer

Now that winter is over you can do away with the extra thick moisturizer. Avoila Nourishing Face Oil is perfect for quenching dry or inflamed skin from sun exposure without clogging your pores. Your skin produces more sebum in the summertime, not to mention the obvious that we all naturally just sweat more when it’s hot out. 


Removing dead and dry skin cells will not only improve your skin’s circulation but also its absorption of products like your moisturizers, serums and treatments. Be sure to opt for a gentle and  clean formula so you don’t irritate sensitive skin. 

SPF infused products

Who wants to be cooped up in the house on a gorgeous summer day? Nobody. That’s why it’s important your skin care products from your moisturizer down to your lip balm contain SPF in it to protect you from UV rays and sun damage. Even if you’re not working on your tan, sunscreen application is still so important. UVA and UVB rays can penetrate car windows and moo roofs and overcast skies - so make sure you wear your SPF everyday! 


Because your skin is naturally producing more oil to offset the dryness, pimples may pop up as a consequence. Consider introducing a sebum controlling product that contains acne fighting ingredients during the warmer months. 

Facial Mists

Because we all tend to wear less makeup in the summer, spritzing a facial mist that includes recognizable clean ingredients during the day (or night out!) is a refreshing way to stay cool and give your skin an extra boost of hydration. 


Your skin is your largest organ and moisturizing it daily is only half the battle. Drink water throughout the day, to keep your skin hydrated from the inside out. You can also increase your body’s water intake by consuming food that contains a high percentage of water in them like cucumbers, melons and berries. 

And because we’re just so thoughtful, we have curated an additional Do & Don’t list for you. Thank us later. 

DoApply Avoila Nourishing Facial Oil after your moisturizer to lock the product in

Don't: Use the oil as a “tanning” oil. Ever!

Do: Apply acne treatment to areas that are breaking out

Don't: Try to burn those suckers up by laying out in direct sun. They will scar! 

Do: Exfoliate your face and body to slough off dead skin cells. 

Don't: Do not over do it. Few times a week or every other day is the magic spot. Treat your skin like the skin of a peach! 

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