Layering Your Skincare Routine – A Better Way

When it comes to skincare steps, most of us have been applying them on autopilot since we were teenagers. Cleanser, toner, moisturizer. Repeat. Starting with first thing the morning and the last thing evening, just before bed, with all good consciousness that we are part of the elite 1% that no matter how late we come home and how tired we are, we always, and I mean ALWAYS wash our makeup off our face before we slip into bed.

As we have gotten older, and a bit more wiser, we have come to better understand that our skin is an organ and requires care and nourishment for it to do its best work. The good news is that less usually means more. But, your products are only half the battle. There's a purpose for every product and an order that will help you get the most out of them.

You might have heard of the 15-step Korean Beauty trend, and you very well might have indulged in for a few days, or bless your heart, a full month. Most of us don’t require a 10-or-more steps routine to greatness. Can I get a hive five?

Some skin requires just a good wash and protection, while problematic skin issues might need extra attention. This is why the layering process is so important. It helps your skin receive the ingredients in the most valuable way.

Follow these routine layering guidelines backed up by the science behind it. We’re also going to be debunking some step-by-step myths you’ve either mistrusted or heard from your good-intentioned mother. This will be fun. 


Get Clean 

If this first step shocks you then you might find yourself also conditioning your hair before shampooing and we wish you a full recovery on your road to wellness ;) 

Whether it’s a foamy frothy cleanser or oil based, or just a soft cloth with warm water, make sure you clean your face at the end of the night. The goal here is to effectively remove any dirt, grime and/or makeup that’s settled onto your skin.

If you wear full makeup, double cleansing your skin will aptly dissolve any traces of caked on residue from the day. And even if you don’t wear makeup, your skin still picks up dirt and bacteria from touching our phones and everything else throughout the day - so give it a gentle cleaning at the very least. 


Toners, Essences and Boosters - Oh My!

If you want to try something to open your pores after cleaning, these watery wonders are simple to use. The purpose of toners is to open your pores for your skin to better absorb any products that follow it more effectively. Note: toners should not sting! I see you, Seabreeze. 

Toners (with clean ingredients, please) should be applied after cleansing in the morning, while Essences and Boosters or any other active ingredient infused tonic should go on in the PM post cleanse. Beauty waters and mists that include a hyaluronic acid aim to penetrate the skin's surface and replenish it with moisture and plumpness. If you’re the type of person who still wants to use BOTH toner and essence - you can! Apply the toner first and follow it with your booster/essence. 

Too much info? Just skip this step and be confident your skin will be just fine. Promise.


No tricks, just treatments (and serums and peels) 

Dermatologists recommend leaving treatment products for night time application due to the body’s natural healing process as we catch our beauty sleep. Please pay attention here: if we overuse this step, and double up application into the daytime, we put our skin at risk for irritation and then it’s back to the drawing board. 

If you’re torn between prescription strength retinol or exfoliating treatments that contain AHA/BHA, choose one but never together in the same night. Ouch! 

Whatever you choose, even if you skip this step, you probably want to treat and protect the skin around your eyes. It's the most delicate area of your face and a proper eye cream can help combat crows feet and fine lines. 


Moisturize, the big drink

Be sure to drink lots of water throughout the day. Hydration is the best way to ensure supple skin health - from the inside out.

Many people with dry skin really only need a light moisturizer and then a good oil to trap that moisture in. For super parched skin, opt for a rich moisturizer at night—they are designed to be absorbed over a course of time - so figure your skin will be drinking up all that moisturizing goodness well into the wee hours of sleep. 

Dry in a few areas but not your whole face? Just concentrate your moisturizer on your problem areas, drink plenty of water and follow up with an oil! 


Oil and water don't mix — and that's a good thing

After you have diligently applied your favorite moisturizer - let it sit for a bit and THEN apply your facial oil. No, we’re not kidding. Your facial oil is actually the densest product and can still be absorbed into the skin through your moisturizer. That means, nothing else can penetrate the oil. You’ve just successfully locked moisture into place, forming a protective barrier around your eyes, lips or whole face (wherever!) Avoila Nourishing Face Oil is well-balanced, so it's good for any skin type. It won't clog pores and it's even gentle enough for the skin around your eyes and your lips. 

Protect at all costs

For the daytime, this should be the absolute final thing you ever do. Apply sunscreen. We know that we mentioned in step six that nothing can penetrate oil, not even love, but that’s not SPFs job anyway. Sunscreen's purpose is to protect and nothing else. Think of SPF as an umbrella and the rest of your skin and skincare as a beautiful outfit you wouldn't want to ruin. After all, it's best to always protect your investment!

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