New Year, New Skin

New Year, New Skin

As we approach the tail end of the first month of the new year - we can only hope that our resolutions gain steam from here rather than fizzle out.

Resolutions are all about betterment. A promise we make (and try hard not to break) to ourselves. A promise to feel, look and be our optimal self. Better me, better you, etc etc.

But first it’s time we shed our old beliefs and exfoliate away the layers of the past.

Maybe this year you have promised yourself the ever popular goal to drink more water for all sorts of health reasons—even brighter, bouncier skin! Yes, drinking more water is a healthy discipline we have probably all made to ourselves at some point.

To nobody’s surprise, exercising a few days a week is also a tremendous avenue to explore when wanting to improve mind, body, soul and even skin! If you’ve always wanted to try a spin class or maybe deepen your yoga practice, make it a point to do it this year and watch yourself exponentially glow from the inside out!

Or perhaps you want to achieve more self control when it comes to your dermis. You know what I’m talking about - the biggest No-No in skincare - picking at your skin like you’re performing some kind of autopsy, only to further aggravate and create scars.

Drinking lots of H2O, exercising, and refraining from touching your skin can make a huge difference in a short amount of time. The sooner you start these healthy habits, the better! 

Ask yourself a question—what does good skin mean for you? For some it means to have a supple, glowing complexion that is free from blemishes. For others, it may mean having more confidence in your less than perfect skin and doing away with foundations and concealers.

Avoila creators Kristy and Grace have their own personal take on what good skin means to them. Grace gives us a peek into her skincare journey, stating

“When I stopped experimenting with every new skincare trend and started being more conscientious about ingredients, my eczema calmed down and my skin got healthier. I can probably say (for the first time since puberty) that I have good skin!”

Good skin, and even great skin can be achieved - especially when combining positive and healthy habits and quality plant-based products. Co-founder Kristy Hunston adds

“Now that I have finally worked through my issues with adult acne, good skin for me is clear, smooth and glowing skin. When I complete my nighttime skincare routine and see the glow in my reflection in the mirror I know that I am doing all of the right things for my skin.” 

So, here’s to healthier skin care habits and goals for all of us that will last this year and many years to come! 

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