The Story of Avoila

Kristy Hunston and Grace O'Sullivan

Grace and I started Avoila at a time in which we were looking to make significant moves in our careers. We both worked in the high stress ad world and knew we needed to make changes to take better care of ourselves and families. We were 40 and 50 at the time and were looking forward to creating our own business and growing in new ways.

Grace's struggle with eczema led to a surprising hero: avocado oil. It healed and soothed her skin like nothing else. This revelation sparked an idea - a luxurious skincare line harnessing this incredible ingredient. Avoila was born, a brand dedicated to self-care and the power of natural ingredients.

Once we had the idea, we jumped into ingredient research and started looking for the right partners who could help us formulate and manufacture. Our backgrounds were in medical marketing, so we were comfortable sifting through scientific journals and ingredient data sheets to identify the ingredients we wanted to use to complement the avocado oil.  

After two years of formulating, testing and manufacturing, Avoila Nourishing Face Oil launched in February 2020.  

What does Avoila Nourishing Face Oil do exactly? 

We handpicked organic and effective plant based ingredients that would benefit all skin-types while focusing on aging skin as that spoke to us most. 

The ingredients are proven to: 

  • Seal in hydration why providing moisture
  • Reduce redness
  • Minimize appearance of fine lines
  • Support antioxidative activity
  • Support appearance of smooth skin 

We know that there is some concern about the effectiveness of plant-based ingredients compared to synthetic, lab based ingredients so we worked with CosmEthically Active to review our formula. This review resulted in a certification that demonstrates the efficacy of our ingredients - the certification was a big deal to us because for the first time we could talk about the fact that we’re using the plant based ingredients effectively. 

Who are we serving?

We made a choice early on that we wanted to serve women 40s + because they are women like us, and like our future selves. And, they often are not represented within the beauty industry. We stay away from language like anti-aging as we want to help women feel good about themselves and their skin at every age. We believe that women should be able to age any way they want and not be made to feel bad about themselves, and their choices, from the media or brands.

What’s next for Avoila?

Running this small business in a very competitive category has not been easy. But, we’ve had some wins along the way. First off, our customers love the product and our customers keep us going. Also, we have received so many positive reviews from people in the beauty industry like Melissa Meyers from The Glow Girl, Christine Morrison from The Quality Edit, Susan Feldman from In The Groove, and veteran beauty and wellness expert Dawn Gallagher who are all incredibly supportive of our product and our mission.

Our hope with Avoila is that we can not only keep selling our Nourishing Face Oil, but that we can build our line so that we can continue to serve our customers. This may take months, or it may take years. But either way, we want to make it happen.

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Kristy & Grace 

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