What does 'luxury' skincare even mean? 

When it comes to luxury skin care, it’s not just the hefty price tag and tantalizing packaging that sets them apart from their drug store priced competitors. There are many aspects that come into play when setting a price for skincare and we’re going to break it down for you.

First let's talk about the obvious. Ingredients come in all shapes and forms and come from all over the world. If the ingredients are certified organic from organic farms (like the ones in Avoila Nourishing Face Oil) there may be more cost associated with it than its lab-manufactured counterparts. Additionally, some ingredients are ‚Äútrendy‚ÄĚ and so you‚Äôll see a higher cost associated with them.

Another consideration when it comes to ingredients is concentration. Most of us know that ingredients are listed in order of quantity. Some products may be priced higher because they have a higher concentration of active ingredients.

As with most things, the more of it you buy the less the individual price goes down. So when a giant skincare company can manufacture hundreds of thousands of anything, they will (hopefully) pass the cost savings on to their customer. And, unfortunately the opposite is true. An independently-owned company (such as yours truly) can only afford to make as much as they think they will sell… It's a guessing game to hopefully strike that balance between making too much and too little.

Shelf Life
And that leads right into shelf-life. Larger skincare companies often make a huge amount of product filled with preservatives, so it can sit around in a warehouse for years until a consumer buys it. 

Avoila is made without preservatives and will last up to a year after it’s opened. Most of our customers will finish a bottle in 3-6 months, which is ideal to get the most out of its powerful botanical oils. (It’s also why Avoila uses a glass amber bottle to protect it from sunlight!)

Which leads us to talk about packaging! Recyclable and environmentally-friendly packaging like glass and cardboard often costs more than plastic bottles or tubing. (It's also weighs more so shipping costs can increase.) But our customers appreciate the recyclable glass bottle, so it's worth a few extra pennies.

Company Size: (independent vs public)
We’ve joked around that when you buy from an independent business, someone somewhere is doing a happy dance. And it’s certainly true with Avolia!

With most independent businesses, every dollar goes back into the business itself‚ÄĒnot into board member‚Äôs pockets. There‚Äôs no big funding pockets to dip into to be able to lower the price. Every sale and discount is carefully managed to keep our customers happy and our business going strong!

In some cases you may be paying for the ‚Äúbrand‚ÄĚ. That means a product that doesn‚Äôt necessarily have any of the above reasons to be pricier than its equal counterpart. But it may well be higher priced simply because it is part of that brand expectation. It‚Äôs a trap most of us fall into somewhat willingly.

Hopefully we've given you a lot to think about and consider when deciding how to spend your dollars when it comes to skincare.


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