A formula born out of our desire to live more cleanly.

As we introduced simple, whole foods in our diet and homes, it was natural to question the ingredients we used on our skin. And so, we looked to the kitchen and garden for inspiration.

avocado fruit oil flower

Being clean and green doesn’t mean giving up luxury.

We fine-tuned our formulation with botanicals and essential oils and made a surprising discovery. The care and attention we gave to our skin made a difference both inside and out. We learned the importance of having a thoughtful self-care ritual that you believe in. And we believe in these formulations because they come from clean, nourishing ingredients.

Organic plants perform better.

Your skin is an organ and absorbs anything applied to it. So, our goal is to source high-quality and organic ingredients that have known benefits. Organic plants have the highest amount of beneficial, active enzymes, minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients resulting in the highest healing and restorative potential.

sea buckthorn oil avocado plant

Natural doesn’t always mean best.

Being clean is more important to us than being natural. There are certain synthetic ingredients that are safe AND clean. Even though most of our products use all natural ingredients, we feel that the safest products with the best possible results are more likely to be successful if the focus is on clean ingredients above natural ones.

Oils can be clean too.

From when we were teenagers, we were taught to get our skin squeaky clean with oil-stripping soaps, harsh toners and drying masks. It was a slow transition (even for us) to accept that oil-based products could benefit one’s skin. But they do. And they do more than that.

Stripping the skin of oil with harsh products can cause skin to produce oil that can lead to breakouts. And, we all know what it does for wrinkles. Oils nourish the top layers of your skin and lock in moisture to prevent water loss. This helps skin stay more supple and retain hydration.

We carefully chose oils that complement avocado oil by having low comedogenic ratings. That means they are less likely to clog pores than other heavier oils.