Conscious Beauty Collective

Conscious Beauty Collective

Strength in numbers

With millions of dollars being spent by behemoth corporations to churn out beauty products with questionable ingredients and questionable manufacturing — many independent brands struggle to find a foothold in the beauty industry. Conscious Beauty Collective's mission is to change that.

While the indie beauty industry faces strong headwinds, together, independent brands found they can create a powerful movement of their own through collaborations.

Conscious Beauty Collective is the brainchild of the inspirational and formidable, Lynn Power. She has brought together 30 eco-friendly brands where each brand is backed by a team of socially-conscious and eco-conscious founders who started these brands on their own and are striving to carry out their vision of bringing clean beauty to the masses.

Redefining Beauty

But what does conscious beauty mean? Generally, conscious beauty is a description of the way a growing group of people are choosing beauty products according to their values.

Those values include organic ingredients or eco-friendly, surf-safe and cruelty-free products. These products are made by brands who are conscious of how their products and production processes effect our personal health as well as our planet.

There are other terms that also refer to one or more of these values, like clean beauty which refers to the absence of harmful chemicals largely found in mass market beauty products. Ethical beauty refers to the sourcing of ingredients and supply chain. Sustainable beauty refers to products produced by renewable raw materials. And blue beauty means it uses ocean-safe ingredients and reused or recyclable packaging.

Pop Up Shop — just in time for the holidays

This year the Conscious Beauty Collective has brought its pop-up shop dedicated to the wellness, beauty and empowerment of women-owned indie brands to the Boston area. 

Together, they bring shoppers a place to go to try new beautiful products that are not harmful to the body, but support and honor the body's natural functions. And allow shoppers to support companies that strive to have a lower carbon footprint for the future of our planet.

Experience these beautiful products (listed below) including Avoila Nourishing Face Oil at the Natick Mall from September 1 to December 31, 2022 until the end of 2022.

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