Keep your skin hydrated this winter

A show of hands please as to how many of you have been slathering thick moisturizers onto your skin for the past few decades every time the temperature drops a few degrees only to wake up in the morning and look at your reflection in the mirror and find only dry, cracked skin? For those who were brave enough to raise their hand - walk with us. Let’s chat. We have the solution to banish seasonal dryness once and for all. 

We have been lectured for decades on the importance of moisturizing, especially during the winter season. How often you should do it. Why you should do it - and that if you don’t do it, you’re essentially a terrible person. But hold on a second here! If you find yourself during the colder months religiously lathering moisturizer both AM and PM, and that your skin is positively responding to that routine - then great - we’re really happy for you, however some dermatologists suggest that for some folks moisturizing can have counteractive results like delayed exfoliation leading to clogged pores and prevent your skin's own ability to hydrate itself. If this resonates with you, it might be time to break up with a certain someone (ahem, your moisturizer) and upgrade. It’s time your skin and oil met. 

Best part about winter? Wearing layers. And we don’t just mean a turtleneck under a cashmere sweater under a Merino coat. We’re talking skincare. To plump up your skin effectively, two things are needed. An occlusive and a humectant. The occlusive is your thick, rich moisturizer. When used alone without a humectant, it’s not that efficient. The humectant, like Avoila Nourishing Face Oil for example - when combined in a proper layering fashion, activates the occlusive by drawing moisture from the environment back into your skin. 

If your skin is reacting pretty well to your moisturizer but still feels like it needs an extra boost - layering a face oil will work wonders as a sealant, creating a barrier while simultaneously penetrating the cream deep into your skin. The best part is that the oil acts as a shield between your skin and harsh, cold weather - not to mention dry air that might be circulating in your home and your body’s own dehydration! Applying oil prior to moisturizer doesn’t work the same way though. Sure, your skin will reap the benefits of the nutrient rich oil - but your moisturizer will not be able to penetrate through the oil to get to your skin. Long story short, you’re just wasting your moisturizing product. 

If you’re ready to ditch your moisturizer and make the switch to oil for the sake of your skin's optimal wellbeing - we applaud you. We know the road to get here was long and hard but you’ll soon find out just how amazing oil-on-it’s-own can be, especially during winter months. A little bit goes a long way so use sparingly and your skin will feel the difference.



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