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The Power of Self-Care

The Power of Self-Care

It might seem like a lot of what’s happening in our lives is outside of our control right now... 

🖍 Maybe home-schooling the kids is nothing short of chaotic.

💻 Perhaps working from home isn’t as great as you thought it would be.

🤝 You probably don’t know when you will next get to see loved ones again. 

We hear you. We understand. We’re going through this madness too, and there are times when doing anything can seem like too much. We shed tears, and there are moments when we feel despondent. And, beneath it all, we’re trying to deal with the worry at what comes next.

One of the ways we’re coping is by refusing to abandon our self-care habits. Wearing a bra might have become optional, but self-care is not! 💖

Whether it’s the soothing ritual of caring for our skin, taking time to soak in a nice hot bath 🛀, eating well, or moving our bodies 🧘‍, we have found that self-care really can help us take some of our power back and can help us feel in control again. 

What can you do today to take control in these trying times?



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