What is the active ingredient in your skincare?

Reading the back of your products might seem like a maze of words that are difficult to pronounce. But have you ever noticed that some products are listed as having an active ingredient? It’s actually worth looking into it. The more you know the more you glow, right? 

An active ingredient in any given beauty product will address the skin issue head on (or face on) targeting the specifics on what your dermis needs backed by scientific data, research or the FDA approval process.

Some actives are created to restructure your skin - like retinol for anti aging. Others are formulated to treat symptoms like acne.

Your dermatologist might have suggested a product at some point that contains an active ingredient. Or you might have ran to the drug store to pick up an acne cleanser yourself.

Active ingredients are found in both prescription and over-the-counter products. Continuing on the active acne path as an example, if you have a facial cleanser for acne prone skin, the active ingredient will usually be salicylic acid. 

Easy to understand right? Good. Because now it’s going to get a little confusing.

Due to the wording of claims around the product, an active ingredient can be listed as an inactive ingredient if the FDA deems it to be a cosmetic product rather than a “drug”.

Cosmetic ingredients do not go through the FDA process and so, responsibility falls on the marketing brand as what they’re claiming their product to do. General marketing statements such as “for a fresh and beautiful face ” prevent the brand from making any false claims and promises. If they promoted a product that said something along the lines of, “dramatically eliminates visible signs of aging” the FDA would have to step in. 

That is not to say that any given product that lacks an active ingredient will fail you. Oftentimes a product will come along lacking an active ingredient, but the inactive ingredients pick up the slack. This could be due to the amount of concentration the inactive ingredient contains.

The opposite is also true because every skin is unique - you won’t know if it works until you try it. Speak to a dermatologist or esthetician if you have any known allergies before experimenting though! 

Let’s talk plant-based actives now. There is a generational myth that perpetuates a falsehood that plant-based products are just too mild to have a resounding and positive impact on your skin. The opposite is true actually. Pure, natural ingredients can actually show better results in comparison to its lab created competitors.

Referring back to when we were trying to sound-out big letter words on the back of our products, nature-based products usually contain words we know and love. Vitamin A, C and E? All active. Avocado oil, Camellia seed oil, sea buckthorn oil and rosehip seed oil? All active, and of course in our case, organic.

Plants are, after all, the original inventors of well-being. Humans just copied their homework. 

Avoila Nourishing Face Oil is packed with active ingredients and is CosmEthically Active CERTIFIED*

“The CosmEthically ACTIVE* certificate defines natural, ethical and active cosmetics with a special emphasis on evidence, physiological compatibility and the rational formulating."

It is the first certificate that pursues an integral approach to the evaluation of cosmetics. It reviews a cosmetic product by the origin of the ingredients, level of physiological compatibility, concentration of the cosmetically active ingredients and the science-based evidence behind them, principles of rational formulating and non-misleading, ethical claims.”

This neutral, third-party organization verified Avoila Nourishing Face Oil as a whole, as well as each individual ingredient to make sure we have done absolutely no testing on animals and contain ethically-sourced, naturally-active ingredients that are compatible with our skin and are exponentially more effective together.

The quality and efficiency of Avoila is stemmed from our own ethos—an all natural and well-balanced facial oil formula that is perfect for everyday use while intentionally restoring skin to its most natural and beautiful state. 

See for yourself by checking out our ingredients and our benefits!

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