What your Skin Can Tell you About your Health

Did you know that the location of a blemish, redness or dryness on your face can tell you so much about your health? Chinese Face Mapping, a 3,000 year old practice, is thought to show us where our body may be out of balance. We were reminded of this ancient practice in a post by trained esthetician, Rochelle [@rochelle_parkplace] and HAD to share it with you. 

Our skin is our most valuable communication tool with what is going on internally.  Let’s break it down using Chinese face mapping.

Small Intestine (Gut): There is possibly an imbalance of bacteria in your gut that is causing the breakouts. To help balance the bacteria, reduce your intake of highly processed sugars and refined carbohydrates, drink plenty of water, and consider taking a probiotic.

Bladder: Our bladders help eliminate toxins. It is very important to stay hydrated to help support your bladder. To fight blemishes stay hydrated with water-dense fruits and vegetables, and at least consume 64 ounces of water daily. Limit your caffeine and alcohol intake, both dehydrate your bladder.

Heart: You may experience more blackheads or congestion in these areas if you have poor blood circulation. Low impact workouts like yoga are the best way to improve blood circulation.

Liver: Many people automatically think ok I can limit my alcohol intake. Well, that is a start. Your liver not only removes toxins like alcohol from our system, but your liver is also responsible for breaking down fat and animal protein (this includes dairy). When you consume a diet high in fat and animal protein you can overwork your liver and cause inflammation, try to limit your intake of these foods. Help support your liver by drinking hot water with lemon first thing in the morning, or milk thistle tea.

Kidneys: Dark circles, puffiness, milia oh my.. Ditch the caffeine and catch some zzz’s. Hydration is also key, up to your water intake. If you are finding it hard to drink plain water, make yourself spa water with cucumber, lemon, and mint.

Stomach: Pay close attention to your food choices, and the amount of refined sugar in everything. You may be shocked that your snicker bar has close to the same amount as your yogurt. If you are craving something sweet try eating some fruit. 

Lungs: Besides the obvious question‚ÄĒdo you smoke or are you around smokers? How is the air quality of where you live? In most places, the air quality is very polluted. Although we cannot control the air quality outside we can control it in our home and work environment. Spruce up your space with some plants that help purify the air like, aloe vera, peace lilies, or common ivy. If you don‚Äôt have a green thumb look into getting an air purification system.

Large Intestine: Very much like your small intestine you need to have a healthy balance of bacteria. If you are experiencing blemishes here look into incorporating a probiotic.

Hormones: Whether you constantly get breakouts in this area or you are just getting them during that lovely time, it could be a hormonal imbalance and or stress. If you do not track your cycle already, start by tracking it with the Flo app. Once you know each phase of your cycle you can start to implement immune-boosting foods during each phase of your cycle. If this does not help I suggest getting your vitamin D levels checked. Vitamin D acts as a hormone in our body, if you have low levels of vitamin D it can also cause a hormone imbalance. Vitamin D also helps with stress levels and depression.

Please keep in mind that there could be external factors causing your blemishes as well.

  1. Skincare: Always consult with your trusted skin therapist to make sure you are using the best skincare for your skin type and conditions 
  2. Hair Styling products: There are pore-clogging and skin irritating ingredients in most hair styling products. Switch out your conventional haircare with wholesome haircare
  3. Cellphone: Clean your cell phone screen if you touch it to your face, try using earbuds instead.
  4. Pillowcase: Clean your pillowcases often to avoid build-up of dirt and oil on them.

Always consult with your physician before adding any supplements to your diet.

Thanks Rochelle for reminding us of this ancient Chinese practice. If you’re looking for an esthetician in the Los Angeles area you can find Rochelle at Park Place Medi Spa. 



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