The Wonder of Kalahari Melon Oil

Meet the Kalahari Melon or "Citrullus Lanatus". Kalahari Melons are indigenous melons that grow across the Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa. They're not like the sweet red fruit of the melons we're used to here in the States.

Why is Grapeseed oil good for your skin?

Grapeseed oil comes from (you guessed it) the pressed seeds of grapes. When wine is produced, the seeds are removed, so Grapeseed oil is a wonderfully efficient and sustainable use of a byproduct.

You can't make everybody happy... you're not an ..

There's a reason sayings like this exist! Avocado is a beloved fruit for so many reasons from guacamole, to toast, to yes, skincare... If you don’t know by now, Avocado Oil is our hero ingredient in our Nourishing face oil

Never Say Natural

One of the unexpected challenges we face, at Avoila, is that some words seem to be losing all meaning. Words like “natural” and “green” for example. The business world seems determined to make them meaningless. But, I do think there’s a way that we as consumers can avoid getting tripped up by these words. 

Perfect Skin. I never liked that song anyway.

With skin comes skin challenges. For most of us, that’s just part of being human in the modern world. If you're a Gen Xer, (I'll just Ok Boomer myself now) you may remember the Lloyd Cole song, Perfect Skin. I cringed when that song played because it would never be me. Matter of fact, it's not most people!